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A House in the Sky is a season 4 episode of Caillou.


It starts out where Caillou is looking at ants and wants Rosie to come see them but Rosie is scared of them then Caillou imagines what it would be like to be small as an ant and then the phone rings Doris answers it then Boris comes to see the ants then Doris says that was her friend from highschool Carol and Doris tells Caillou that Carol has a little boy named Kevin and Caillou and Doris go visit them but Doris tells Caillou to bring books with him. In the car Caillou feels bored and keeps asking Doris "Are we there yet?" And after the third time Doris says yes when they arrive Caillou looks up and sees the tall building and then they go in the elevator and Keven's door is 10. Doris says hello to Carol and they both hug and Caillou and Kevin play with blocks and Kevin shows Caillou his park then Caillou and Doris leave and at the end of the episode Caillou tells Doris that they both have ants in thir backyard Doris asks Ants?


  • This is the only appearence of Carol and Kevin
  • This episode is also about ants


  • When Caillou says "Ants can't hurt you can they Daddy?" Caillou's shoes are blue but when the camera goes back to Caillou his shoes are red.
  • When Caillou and Doris find Doris find door 10 the dot is below the numbers but when they go by door 11 the dot is above door 11 and when they go back home the dot is below door 11.