A Surprise For Miss Martin is a season 4 episode


The episode starts out where Leo is telling everybody about a party he been to his cousin had a birthday party for his Goldfish Herman and Caillou asks did he get presents Leo says he got a diver mask then Miss Martin tells everyone that hermans birthday is in the Month of June just like her. Caillou wanted a surprise party for Miss Martin so he tells Leo and Clementime then in the car Caillou thinks about what to get Miss Martin for her birthday first Miss Martin gets a car second she gets a cape and third she gets an airplane but Caillou didn't think those were good presents then Leo and Clementine come over and they all make cupcakes then They think of presents Leo suggests that an eraser that never gets smaller and Clementine says or a pink pen with feathers on it The kids make paper flowers then on Monday they sneak their presents behind their backs Caillou tells Miss Martin to open her eyes then they all yell surprise and Miss Martin had the best birthday ever.

Characters Present

  • Caillou
  • Leo
  • Lee-Wun
  • Melanie
  • Clementine
  • Rosie
  • Doris
  • Miss Martin
  • Herman (mentioned)
  • Boris


  • This is the first time on season 4 where someone had a birthday
  • When Caillou tells Leo and Clementine about throwing a party he says loud for Miss Martin to hear but Miss Martin didn't hear him.