Caillou's Big Friend is an episode in Season 1. It is the first episode that Andre appeared in.


One of Caillou's Mommy's friends has a 6 year old son named Andre so Caillou's Mommy wants Caillou to meet him. Caillou and Andre play. Andre wants to play ball but Caillou isn't allowed to play ball in house so they play hide and seek. Caillou hides and when Andre is near by and not wearing shoes but is wearing sandals instead. So Caillou cannot resist but to tickle Andre's foot, causing him to move his leg and knock over the table.

Andre finds him and wants to play a new game. Caillou finds his robot, but suddenley, a huge crash is heard in the playroom. Andre has accidentally broken Caillou's chair. Then Andre and Caillou start crying, but Andre says that he is sorry for breaking Caillou's chair and Caillou forgives him. Later Caillou and Andre play ball outside and are becoming friends.


  • This marks the first appearance of Andre. He'll return in other Caillou episodes.
  • Gilbert, Boris and Rosie are absent in this episode.