Caillou now must wear a sweater that Grandma gave him, which happens to have a dinosaur on it.

Caillou's Birthday Present is an episode from Season 1 of "Caillou".


Today is Caillou's birthday, Caillou and Mommy are making the cake. Caillou licks the batter. Rosie wants some, but Caillou doesn't want to share it. Caillou's Daddy tastes a bit resulting in Caillou feeling annoyed. Grandma, Leo and Clementine come to his birthday party.

At a birthday party, Caillou and his friends do face painting. Caillou gets his face painted as Gilbert. Caillou gets a special dinosaur he has been wanting for a long time from his loving parents. Later, Rosie spills some ice cream on Caillou's shirt. Then, his grandma put on his new dinosaur shirt.


  • This is the first Birthday special in the Caillou franchise.
  • Rosie is wearing a green dress in this episode that was previously seen in "Caillou's Friends".