"Caillou's Crossword" is an episode from Season 2 of "Caillou". In this episode, Caillou learns the word "stupid" from a skateboarder, not even knowing it's an insult.

Caillou's Crossword
Caillou The Lost Episodes - Caillou's Crossword

Caillou The Lost Episodes - Caillou's Crossword


Season 2, Episode 28


Stephan Dubreuil


Marie Blanchard


Caillou's Suitcase


Caillou Meets Robbie


Caillou and Leo are at the park watching a skateboarder. The skateboarder is riding his skateboard and calling some birds stupid. Caillou gets a ride on the skateboard with help from the skateboarder. The skateboarder goes home.

Caillou and Leo see Clementine and go over to her. Caillou tells her he was riding the skateboard all by himself. Clementine says he didn't and that she saw the skateboarder helping him. Caillou and Leo call her stupid and Clementine gets upset.

Later at home, Caillou is playing with Rosie. When Caillou trips on some blocks and calls them stupid, Rosie learns the word and says it a few times. Caillou's mom hears her and is surprised. She knew that was not a very nice word, Then she gets a phone call from Clementine's mom about what happened at the park. Caillou's mom tells Caillou about it and Caillou calls Clementine to apologize and they make up. The next day at the park, Caillou and Clementine see the skateboarder again. Clementine gets a ride on the skateboard with help from the skateboarder.


  • This marks the first and only time the word "stupid" is used in Caillou.
  • Gilbert and Boris are absent in this episode.
  • Caillou's soccer ball makes its first appearance since "Caillou's Big Kick".
  • The skateboarder slightly resembles Boris.
  • This is the first time Clementine cries.
  • This is the second time where a skateboard is seen. The first time was in "Caillou Walks Around the Block" (when Sarah is briefly seen riding one past Caillou). Both episodes were banned.
  • This episode was banned from rotation on PBS, because the word "stupid" being used 10 times which can be hurtful. However, it was shown during reruns a couple times in 2003.


  • At the beginning of the episode when Caillou and Leo are playing, Leo's sleeves are missing.
  • Leo was not at the park with Caillou and Clementine the next day.
    • It is likely that he got in trouble or grounded.
  • Rosie was not seen at the park the next day either.
    • She may have remained at home or was napping or been with Grandma and Grandpa, Daddy or with Julie.
  • How the skateboarder knew Clementine's name is unknown, but it may be because he is one of Billy's friends.
  • When Mommy is on the phone with Clementine's mom hearing about Caillou and Leo's day in the park, she is smiling the whole conversation, which is really weird since it was about Caillou calling Clementine stupid.
  • When Clementine runs off crying, her eyes disappear.