Caillou's Getting Older is an episode from Season 1 of "Caillou".
Caillou The Lost Episodes - Caillou's Getting Older

Caillou The Lost Episodes - Caillou's Getting Older

Full Episode of Caillou's Getting Older.


Caillou and Daddy are in the garden and Caillou notices a dead bird on the ground. Caillou asks if it's dead and Dad affirms. He suggests burying it and Caillou agrees. They bury the bird and Caillou asks Dad why the bird died. Dad says that it's a tough question, then states that the bird probably died because it was too old. Caillou accepts this, but seems troubled as he had always wanted to be older, but now is scared of getting older because he might get too old.

Throughout his day, Caillou hears a number of people comment about how old they are. Dad has trouble reading the paper and comments that he must need glasses because he's getting old, Rosie can eat with a spoon by herself, a sign she is growing up, and Sarah got in-line skates for her birthday because she's a whole year older.

When Daddy is tucking Caillou into bed that night, he says that Caillou is getting bigger and older every day. Caillou then shouts that he doesn't want to get older, confusing his parents, who ask why. He explains his concern about the bird, while also revising what he'd heard about age that day. Dad tells him that he has lots of time to get bigger and older. So does Teddy, who is the oldest of the toys. Rabbit is the youngest and Dinosaur is in the middle.


  • This episode was banned because of the subject of death, fear of getting older and a dead bird appearing on-screen.
  • Fourth Wall Break: Caillou Looks at the audience after Sarah Leaves.