Caillou's Hiding Place is an episode in Season 1.


Caillou is staying at Grandma and Grandpa's house for a few days. Grandpa finds him in the kitchen under the sink. Caillou is stuck, so Grandpa pulls him out and asks what he was doing there. Caillou tells him that he was hiding in a hiding place. Grandpa then thinks of a better hiding place and takes Caillou to the backyard. A large tree a space is carved out making a small room. Grandpa tells Caillou to go in and lends him a small flashlight. Caillou thinks that it's the best hiding place ever! The next day, Caillou takes Rexy and all his other dinosouars out to the tree. He won't let Rosie come and she is upset. Inside the tree Caillou finds an action figure. Grandpa tells Caillou that his daddy will be here soon to pick him up. Inside the living room, Caillou shows Grandpa the figure and then Caillou's Daddy walks in. He says that it was his figure when he was a little boy, and that Caillou must have found it in his secret hiding place. But now the hiding place is his!


  • This is the first time Caillou gets stuck.
  • Caillou should've shared the hiding place with Rosie, as she is little and more sensitive than Caillou.
  • Furthermore, nobody even tried to calm Rosie down.
  • Doris and Gilbert are absent in this episode.
    • This is the first episode where Doris does not appear in a episode, Being caillou the only one to appear in all the episodes
    • It is unknown why Caillou refused to let Rosie into his hiding place. People have criticized his behavior, dubbing it as "being too selfish"