Locked Door is an episode in Season 1.


Caillou is in his room and has put on a sock but can't find the other sock. He goes downstairs and then down to the basement, where the laundary room is. Back upstairs, Caillou's Mommy walks through the kitchen and sees the door to the basement open and closes it. Caillou can't open the dryer and goes back up the stairs to get Caillou's Mommy to open it. Caillou turns the door nob and accidentally falls out. Caillou is scard and begins pounding on the door for help. Caillou's Daddy comes in and open the door, Caillou is happy to see him and they look inside the dryer for Caillou's sock. Caillou's Mommy comes into the kitchen and closes the basement door again. Caillou and Caillou's Daddy go up the stairs to look for the sock and find that they are locked out again. They call ' Mommy, Mommy ' and after a long time Caillou's Mommy finally comes and the door nob on the other side of the door falls out to. After a while she figures out how to put it in, letting Caillou and Caillou's Daddy out. Caillou's Mommy asks Caillou why he has one sock on and he says he can't find the other sock but she has it in the laundary basket and now Caillou has his socks. Then, Caillou's Daddy begins fixing the door.


  • When Caillou calls out ' Mommy, Mommy ' so does Caillou's Daddy, Caillou's Mommy is defidnetly not his Mommy, Grandma is.