Caillou's neighborhood is the neighborhood where Caillou, Clementine, Billy, Leo, Jeffery, Jason, and Grandma & Grandpa live. It runs along the Canada-United States border, which means some people are on the U.S side and everyone else is in Canada, and is its own town. Most episodes of the series take place here, many of which are at 17 Pine St., Caillou's house.

Places outside the neighborhood

  • Camp Broone - seen in Caillou goes camping
  • Jonus' ranch - seen all 4 times Caillou visits jonus
  • Beach - seen in Beach trip
  • Airport - seen in The loudest noise
  • Camping lake - seen in Wilderness adventure.
  • Carol and Kevin's apartment- seen in A House In the Sky.
  • The theme park- seen in Caillou goes to the theme park.
  • Emma and Mary's farm - seen in Caillou and the sheep.



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Caillou's house.

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Caillou's playschool.

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The theme park.