Caillou's Picnic is the last episode of Season 1.


Caillou's family are going on a picnic and Caillou invited Leo. They arrive at some forest area in country and started hiking and Mommy says it was like a tale of knights and dragons. After they find a picnic table and have lunch.

After they finish eating Caillou and Leo want to go exploring Daddy tells them not go to far away. Caillou and Leo stay near the grounds and find a field and it they find a big log by the side of the path and play with some large sticks until a rain storm starts. They find Daddy, Mommy and Rosie waiting for them. They took shelter in a cave and stay in it until the storm ends and after that Leo and Caillou's family go for a walk.


  • This is the last episode where Caillou wears his white shirt.
  • Also is the last episode to feature the Grandma and the children during the episode.