Caillou's Special Friend is an episode in Season 1.


Caillou, Rosie and Caillou's Mommy are at Grandma's house. Caillou is in the backyard playing with his imaginary friend George. They have a race and Caillou finishes first but knocks a plant down and the pot it is in breaks. Rosie is hungry and tells Caillou it is lunch time. Caillou talks about George but Caillou's Mommy tells him to eat instead of talk so Caillou lets George outside. After lunch Caillou goes back outside. Caillou's Daddy finds the broken pot and Caillou admits he knocked it over. They then find a new pot for the plant and clean the mess up. They then play on the swing.


On Sprout airings of this episode, the scene where Grandma tells Rosie to call Caillou for lunch and Rosie replies, "Kay, Grandma," is cut, possibly due to time constraints.