Caillou Files a Plane is an episode from Season 1 of "Caillou".


Caillou tries to buckle himself in, but Daddy helps him get buckled. Caillou's Daddy says to Caillou to sit back. Caillou's Mommy asks if Caillou is behaving. Caillou tells Mommy and Rosie that they have to sit back.

The plane takes off. Caillou's Daddy tells Caillou that some little white things are houses. Caillou asks Caillou's Daddy if they are there yet. Then the flight attendant asks Caillou if he would like some breakfeast. Caillou says, "Breakfast? Yes!" Caillou never had breakfast on a plane before!

A few minutes later Caillou's Daddy listens to some music. Caillou turns it up because he is curious about everything. Caillou's Daddy takes off the headphones because it was too loud. Then the pilot asks Caillou if he wants to see how he flies the plane. Caillou says, "Oh, yes!" The co-pilot says, "Hello, Caillou." Then Caillou sees clouds with the sun and gets curious. Caillou's Daddy says they are clouds. The pilot gives Caillou a special pilot badge and says he will have to go back to his seat. The flight attendent says have a wonderful vacation!


  • This episode is considered dated because Caillou and Daddy are invited to the flight deck. In the wake of the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001, the cockpit on all airliners are now locked so hijackers can't storm it, and passengers are no longer allowed to be inside of it at all to avoid a hijacking. To date, though, the scene has not been deleted, meaning many younger viewers who have never flown likely have pre-conceptions about airline etiquette and security.
    • Even more unusual is that the scene was left in the 2011 book adaptation.
  • After this episode, Boris misses three episodes: Rosie Bothers Caillou, Caillou Goes Birdwatching and Rosie's Doll.