Caillou Goes Apple Picking is an episode from Season 4 of "Caillou".


Caillou's entire playschool class is going on a field trip to an apple orchard. Caillou enjoys riding the bus there. Once they get there, they have some fun finding colored leaves. Ms. Martin shows them that apples have different colors too and the colors can indicate if they're ready to be eaten. The kids have a taste test and agree that they like bright red apples the best. Next, they go on a hayride. Once they reach the destination, they pair off for apple picking. Caillou pairs with Leo and together they compete with Clementine and Emma to pick the most apples. Caillou wants to reach an apple way up-high. He asks for a ladder, but gets a step stool. He imagines reaching for a huge apple in a really tall tree. They race for picking the apples ends up being a tie. Next, they head for a barn, where they talk about some of their favorite apple foods with one of the orchard workers, Eric. Caillou likes apples just the way they are.


  • When Ms. Martin is explaining about apples, she holds up a red apple and a yellow apple. In the next scene, both the apples she is holding are both red.
  • Gilbert, Doris, Boris and Rosie are absent in this episode.