(It's Saturday's Party night)

Doris: Don't forget to buy some flowers. We want the house to look nice.

Boris: (Boris puts his coat on) Flowers. Okay.

Caillou: (asking) What are you doing, Mommy?

Doris: (telling) I'm getting everything ready for the party tonight.

Storyteller: Caillou remembered that his mommy and daddy were having a party.

Caillou: (asking) Are we going to play games?

Doris: (telling) No, sweetie, not tonight.

Caillou: Why not?

Doris: (telling) Because it's a dinner party for grownups.

Caillou: I want to go to the party, too.

Boris: (telling) But You can't, Caillou. (Boris zips up his jacket) It's not for childs, and it'll be happening way past your bedtime.

Caillou: But I want to come!

Storyteller: Caillou felt left out because the grownups were having a party, and he couldn't be there.

Boris: Well, I think we've got everything we need fo the party, don't you?

Caillou: Yes, Daddy.

Boris: But I just can't help thinking we forgot something important. What could it be?

Caillou: I know! Mommy wanted flowers.

Boris: That's it! Do you want to choose the flowers, Caillou?

Florist: How about these?

Caillou: Yes.

(His Daddy winks at him and gives him a thumbs up.)

(Caillou and Daddy are driving home)

Caillou: Mommy will like these?

Boris: Yes, she will. It will make the house look pretty for the guests tonight.

Caillou: (asking) Who's coming, Daddy?

Boris: (telling) We've invited a few friends over for a supper party.

Caillou: (asking) Can I invite my friends, too?

Boris: (telling) No, Caillou, not tonight. Besides, you won't have any fun at this party.

Storyteller: Caillou didn't understand how Mommy and Daddy's party wouldn't be any fun. Parties are always fun!

Doris: (hums) Oh, good! You remembered the flowers.

Caillou: I remembered them, Mommy!

Doris: Thank you, Caillou. Can you help me put them in the vase?

(the doorbell rings)

Storyteller: Caillou thought the guests had arrived for the party.

Julie: Hi, Caillou!

Storyteller: But it was Julie, Caillou's babysitter.

Caillou: Are you here for the party?

Julie: No. I'm here to help your mommy. I'm going to give you and Rosie your supper and put you to bed.

Caillou: (gasps) I don't want to go to bed.

Boris: Hi! Come on in!

Julie: Come on, Caillou. Put your pajamas on, please.

Caillou: I don't want to.

Doris: How's it going in here?

Julie: Caillou doesn't want to get into his pajamas. He wants to stay up and go to the party.

Boris: Hi! Great to see yo! Come in!

Storyteller: Caillou didn't like being left out of the party.

Doris: Tell you what. If you put your pajamas on, you can come down and say good night to everyone. Okay?

Caillou: Okay, Mommy!

Doris: Caillou came to say good night.

Julie: (whispers) You can say good night now, Caillou.

Caillou: Good night.

Boris: I think it's time for bed, Caillou.

Julie: Now you go straight to sleep, Caillou. Okay?

Caillou: Okay, Julie!

(His babysitter gives him a kiss good night, turns out the light, and leaves)

Storyteller: Caillou tried to go to sleep, but he was too curious about all the excitement downstairs to keep his eyes closed.

Julie: Good night! Have a good time tonight!

Storyteller: Caillou couldn't see the party very well from the stairs. He wanted a closer look.

Boris: I thought you were supposed to be in bed!

Caillou: But I can't sleep! It's too noisy!

Boris: Big boys can sleep even when it's a little noisy. Why don't we give it another try?

Caillou: Okay, Daddy!

(Daddy tucks Caillou into bed)

Boris: Good night, Caillou.

Caillou: Good night, Daddy.

Storyteller: Caillou suddenly remembered he left his dinosaur downstairs!

Doris: Caillou, you know you're not supposed to be up this late!

Caillou: But I forgot my dinosaur.

(Mommy winks at him)

Caillou: Mommy, are you going to play games at your party?

Doris: What kind of games do you think we should play?

Caillou: Face-painting!

(Caillou and his mother laughed)

Doris: That would be funny, wouldn't it? Now, Caillou, you really must go to sleep. I mean it.

Caillou: Okay, Mommy.

(His Mommy kisses him)

Doris: See you in the morning, sweetie. Night-night.

Caillou: Night-night!

(Mommy leaves the room)

Caillou: (yawns)

(It's Sunday morning, and Caillou's baby sister, "Rosie" is drinking her milk.)

Boris and Caillou: (yawning)

Rosie: (giggles)

Doris: (yawns) You look sleepy, Caillou.

(Caillou nods)

Doris: Well, that's what happens when you stay up late.

Caillou: Look! I'm not sleepy anymore! Can I stay up late tonight?

Doris: (telling) No, honey. I think it's going to be an early night for all of us.