"My song is hard to play. Keep trying!"
Caillou, Caillou: My First Piano Book

Caillou Theme Song is a song that appeared in the beginning of each episode of Caillou. The song is sometimes played at the end of the episode in an instrumental version.


Mom: You're getting to be a big boy.

Caillou: I'm just a kid who's four,

Each day I grow some more,

I like exploring,

I'm Caillou!

So many things to do,

Each day is something new,

I'll share them with you,

I'm Caillou!

My world is turning, changing each day!

With Mommy and Daddy I'm finding my way!

Growing up is not so tough,

'Cept when I've had enough,

But there's lots of fun stuff,

I'm Caillou! Caillou! Caillou! I'm Caillou!

That's me!

Clips from episodes

In the Caillou intro clips from episodes are shown, theyse clips have changed over time. This is list of what episodes the clips are from in each season, the order of the episodes are listed in is the order in which the clip from that episode appears in song. Sometimes 2 clips from an episode are shown but they are always shown back to back.

Season 1

Image Episode
Mqdefault (14)
Big brother Caillou
0 (5) Caillou Makes Cookies
Caillou hates vegetables
Caillou walks around the block
Caillou Cries Too Much! Caillou Joins the Circus
Drive Caillou learns to drive
Picture 00264
Caillou All Alone

Season 2


Caillou's Theme Song (Caillou - My First Piano Book)

Caillou's Theme Song (Caillou - My First Piano Book)

Caillou Theme Song

Caillou Theme Song

Caillou Intro

Caillou Intro