Caillou Tidies His Toys is an episode from Season 1 of Caillou.


Caillou is in his room. Caillou's Mommy comes in and say that their having chocolate pudding and Caillou loves chocolate pudding. Caillou's Mommy and Caillou says to wait for him. When they walk down the stairs Caillou's Mommy sees a mess Caillou has left some toys on the stairs including a dinosaur, a boat and Teddy. He puts them in his room and comes back to eat his chocolate pudding.

But then he hears Caillou's Daddy calling him Caillou's Mommy says it sounds important. Caillou goes outside and has left his toys in the driveway including his bike, a pig and another boat. Caillou's Daddy helps him clean up the toys.

Just after Caillou has finished Caillou's Daddy calls him again. Caillou has toys in the bathroom including his xylophone and an octopus. Finally Caillou thinks that he has finshed cleaning up his toys. Caillou's Daddy is laughing because in the potty is a rubber duckie.

After it is put it is time for chocolate pudding. Caillou's Mommy tells Caillou he has a lot of toys and that they take up so much space, she says he good give to Rosie. Caillou's Daddy says he could make him a big box to put all his toys in. Caillou says he wants to help - "As soon as I finish my chocolate pudding." Which causes his Mommy and Daddy to laugh.

Later Caillou and Caillou's Daddy make the box and the lid fits perfectly. The lid also has a picture of Caillou on it.


  • This is the first Caillou episode where Caillou wears his signature shirt. From this episode to the end of the first season, it is a grayed-down beige-like color, while in later seasons, it is yellow.