There have been a lot of Caillou Toys made including figures, playsets such as the Caillou Treehouse and playground, puzzles, dolls and books.


Caillou Treehouse

The Caillou tree house is the largest playset and was once avaible at Toys "Я" Us but can now only be found on ebay. It is 4 stories high On the 1st floor is a sandbox. On the 2nd floor is a grill and bench. On the 3rd floor is a bed covered under a small fort. A slide is also on the 3rd floor which goes down to the 1st floor. On the 4th Floor is an elevator which is conceted to the 2nd floor, a telescope and a swing which can lowered to the ground. The set includes the figures Caillou, Gilbert and Rosie.

Playground adventure

This set is of the playground that is at the park which is seen in several episodes of Caillou including Big Slide . It has the sandbox, tubes and the big slide. The set includes figures Caillou and Celmentine

Boat with Rexy

A bathtoy. Rexy the dinosaur is included in the boat and can be taken off the boat and is the same size as other figures.