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He's just a kid who's four, each day he grow's some more, he's Caillou! Each day is something new, he'll share them with you!

Caillou is a Canadian children's series, first airing in 1997. The series follows 4-year old Caillou who has adventures with his friends and family, using his imagination along the way. Caillou has a love for machinery such as rockets and airplanes and has a love for his stuffed dinosaur and teddy bear.

Follow Caillou on his many adventures!

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Caillou's Holiday Movie Cover

Caillou's Holiday Movie is the only Caillou movie. It takes place around Christmas time and begins 12 days from Christmas. Released on October 7, 2003, has aired regularly on PBS stations on and around Christmas, and also every year in December on the cable/satellite network Sprout.