In order to keep things on the wiki looking their best and encourage proper conduct between members, the Caillou Wiki has a set of policies regarding user conduct and procedures for blocking users.


  • Users are expected to behave civilly towards other users at all. No personal attacks are allowed. A personal attack includes any malicious comment personally directed towards another user or users, which includes any racist or chauvinistic attacks. Referring to edit as vandalism does not in itself constitute a personal attack, but only if it is obvious that the intent of the edit was malicious.
  • Profanity is not allowed anywhere on the wiki, either in articles, personal pages or comments.
  • Assume good faith: While the Caillou Wiki has experienced a greater share of vandalism than most wikis, users still have the right to expect others to assume good faith regarding their edits. Good faith means that those who may have made a mistake should not assumed to be vandals. Good faith does not extend to edits that obviously violate the above guidelines, especially if multiple such edits are made.
  • Additions of content to pages and images should only relate to material from the series Caillou. Insertion of other material is unacceptable. While the Caillou Wiki maintains a limited number of pages related to fandom, fandom material should not be inserted in normal content pages, such as those for characters or episodes.
  • Admins are expected to follow the same guidelines as any other user. They may not ignore community consensus, but have the final say regarding decisions in matters such as deleting pages or blocking unruly users.

Block policy

Users that do not follow the above guidelines may be subject to a block for a limited period of time, or a permanent block in the case of particularly offensive edits or repeated vandalism. As the Caillou Wiki has been subject to a large past history of vandalism, those users who engaged in such vandalism prior to June 12, 2012 will not be retroactively blocked, but may be blocked in the future without warning if they engage in any further vandalism. Otherwise, users will generally be warned prior to block, excepting cases of particularly malicious vandalism, spamming, or large-scale vandalism of multiple pages. Blocks are at admin discretion, but will generally be for one week in the case of first vandalism and will be extended to a longer period in repeat cases, the length to be determined by the blocking admin. Particularly persistent vandals will be blocked permanently in the case of registered users and for one year in the case of IP vandals. Those that wish to contest their block may leave a message on their talk page, but abuse of this privilege will result in talk page editing being blocked as well.

For more information about the infractions and durations of blocks, see Caillou Wiki:Block policy.