The episode starts with Caillou drawing a picture of Julie while Caillou's Mom makes a casserole for dinner and mom and dad are going out to a restaurant. Caillou shows the picture to mom and Caillou ask where they're going and they're going to a restaurant Caillou asks mom if he come and mom said not this time then Caillou answers the door and shows julie the picture he made and then mom and dad went to the restaurant and Julie took out the casserole to cool it off then put it back in then Julie told Caillou to make their own restaurant Caillou made a menu and a waiter's bow tie then Caillou comes in the kitchen and takes their order Julie gives the pennies to him then caillou takes Rosie's order and she points at the beans then he asks for the pennies and Rosie says no then he asks for one penny then Julie takes Caillou's order and Caillou has no pennies and he wanted to do the dishes and Caillou likes his restaurant better and water drips on his cat Gilbert.


  • Finale appearance for Julie.