Caillou in the Bathtub is an episode from Season 1 of Caillou.


The episode starts with Caillou trying to hide from Mommy who wants him to take a bath, he hides in Rosie's bedroom under her bed. Mommy comes in and finds him and he fights with her, but she carries him to the bathroom.

In the bathroom, Caillou complains the water is hot and then cold. Before getting in the bathtub Caillou's Mommy hands him the boat and he throws his boat to run be he did that into Caillou's Daddy who brings him right back to the bathroom. Caillou's Mommy adds some bubbles in the bathtub which Caillou likes. Suddenly, Caillou wanted his rubber duckie and goes to Rosie's bedroom to get it, making his parents unhappy.

He returns and plays with it and his boat, then Gilbert comes in and splashes the water leaving Caillou's Mommy and Caillou's Daddy soaking wet. Caillou's Mommy tells Caillou to get out of the bathtub. He has so much fun he didn't want to, so Caillou's Mommy told him that he could play in the bath tomorrow. After this episode, Caillou no longer hated taking baths.


  1. Caillou
  2. Rosie (cameo)
  3. Gilbert
  4. Boris
  5. Doris


  • When Caillou runs away to get his rubber duckie, the part of his butt can be seen.
  • Caillou saying "No!" when Mommy says to him let's add some bubble bath is the same as Caillou Joins the Circus.


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