Caillou is Scared of Dogs is an episode from "Season 1" of "Caillou".



Caillou and Caillou's Mommy are at the park, Caillou is playing in the sandbox when a dog barks at him as he cries and runs to Caillou's Mommy and he tells her that the dog scared him. The next day, Caillou goes to Grandma and Grandpa's house. Grandma is watching one of her friends dog named "Rover", When Caillou sees Rover he immediately goes into a closet. Grandma finds him and tells him Rover is in another room, Caillou comes out but is still afraid. So Grandma decides to read a book about dogs to Caillou thinking he might not be afraid after he reads it. This is a good idea because after the book is over Caillou plays with Rover. When Caillou's Mommy comes back she finds Caillou and Rover on the sofa taking a nap and is happy that Caillou is no longer afraid of dogs. A couple of days later, Caillou and Caillou's Mommy get some chocolate ice cream and go back to the park. The same dog barks at Caillou again, but he isn't afraid this time.