Caillou isn't Afraid Anymore is an episode from Season 1. It was the first episode that Mr. Hinkle appeared in.


Caillou is outside and is scared about Mr. Hinkle's house because a lot of kids say theat there is a scary ghost in it. Caillou then runs to Caillou's Mommy but she tells him that there is nothing to be afarid of. Caillou then goes back to looking at Mr. Hinkle's house. Mr. Hinkle then comes out and says hello to Caillou and Caillou runs inside. Mr. Hinkle is sad that Caillou ran away.

Soon Caillou's Mommy and Mr. Hinkle come to Caillou's room but he has hidden in the closet with Gilbert. They then look across the hall. Caillou and Gilbert go and hide in the living room behind the curtins. Mr. Hinkle comes downstairs but doesn't see Caillou. Caillou and Gilbert then hide in the kitchen closet and Mr. Hinkle realizes that it is the only place that Caillou can be. Caillou has now forgotten about being afarid of Mr. Hinkle and they become friends and start another game of hide and seek.


  • Caillou hides in a big closet in the kitchen but the wall backs right up to the hallway (not even half a meter away) and the door to the closet is on the wall , so it's impossible to have a big closet like that between the kitchen and the hallway ! It was probably big from Caillou's point of view.
  • When the Narrator said "Mr. Hinkle's House sure looks Spooky.", There's a Black frame on the Background.
  • This is the first episode where Daddy and Rosie are absent.