Ms. Martin announces there will be a talent show at playschool at the end of the day. Xavier wants to build a tower. Emma wants to draw a picture. Melanie wants to paint an abstract picture. Leo wants to recite a rhyme. Caillou wants to sing a song, but when Clementine says she wants to sing before he does, Miss Martin suggests that Caillou and Clementine both sing. Caillou wants to sing "Old MacDonald Had a Farm", but he suddenly hears Clementine singing the same song he chose. Miss Martin suggests Caillou sings a song like "Ring Around the Rosie". Caillou says okay, but later he rejects that suggestion because "Ring Around the Rosie" is his sister Rosie's favorite song, and Caillou thinks it is a song for little little kids. Meanwhile, Clementine is practicing her song, but she can't remember all the words. Caillou helps Clementine remember all the words. Then he decides they can perform the song together. At naptime, Caillou dreams that everybody will love his and Clementine's act. Clementine still can't remember all the words, but Caillou suggests that they each sing the parts they know and take turns. When it is time for the talent show, everybody performs their acts, and Caillou and Clementine's act was successful.


  • This episode reveals that Rosie's favorite song is Ring Around the Rosie.
  • Gilbert, Doris, Boris and Rosie are absent in this episode.
  • Is the first episode and only where Rosie is absent from both of the episode's segments.