Caillou the Chef is an episode from Season 4.



Caillou is excited because Jason and Jeffery and are coming over for lunch. Caillou's Mommy prepares the dough. Jason and Jeffery arrive and Jason has brought his toy spider. Jeffery guesses that they are having snail sandwiches for lunch. Caillou corrects him, saying they're going to have pizza. Caillou's Daddy comes in and tells them that he once worked at a pizzeria and threw the dough into the air. The group then walks into the kitchen. Daddy gets the pizza dough on his face and goes to wash it off, while Caillou, Jeffery, and Jason spread the sauce on and cheese and numerous toppings on. Caillou then gets upset because he says that broccoli and carrot sticks do not go on pizza. Caillou's Mommy bakes the pizzas while the boys play pretend restaurant. Caillou imagines what it would be like to work at a pizzeria. Soon, the pizzas is done and the boys happily eat them and Caillou realizes that broccoli and carrot sticks actually can go on pizza.