Caillou the Patient is an episode from Season 4 of "Caillou".


It all started when Caillou's Mommy, Caillou and Rosie were going to the park. He wants to take his toy airplane with him to the park. Caillou imagined he was a pilot in a plane. After he was having so much fun he didn't have his running shoes on! Then Caillou slipped on a rock and he cried when his knees are bleeding. Then Caillou's Mommy took them home and fixed Caillou up. She had to get her doctor kit first. So she checks allover Caillou's body for broken bones. Caillou's Mommy was pretending to be a doctor. Caillou's Mommy first had to clean Caillou up. Then Nurse Rosie had to get a cotton swab from the tin. Then Caillou's Mommy cleans the bleeds up. Then she puts a bandage on Caillou's booboos. Then Caillou drinks juice to make his knees better. Then Rosie copilots Caillou and Caillou's Mommy back to the couch in a window seat. Caillou then ate cookies and drank juice. Then his knees were much better. Caillou took a few steps around the airplane to see if his knees were better. Then Caillou pretended he flew to the park with his friends. He was wearing running shoes now. Then everyone had a contest to see who could fly the fastest. Then Leo's knees were bleeding! Caillou pretended he was the doctor and he fixed Leo up in the same order like Caillou's Mommy fixed Caillou up.



  • This is the only Season 4 episode (and so far the last episode) where Caillou cries.
  • This episode is also about airplanes.
  • Gilbert and Boris are absent in this episode (They are not seen or even mentioned during the episode).


  • In one scene, Caillou is seen wearing sandals, but his running shoes are then seen in the next, in a transition to his imagination scene. After that, the running shoes disappear.


Caillou The Patient