Chinese New Year is an episode from Season 1 of “Caillou”.


It started when Rosie wanted her tiger to have breakfast. Then Caillou's Daddy suggests they should feed their big cat, Gilbert. Caillou looks for Gilbert and calls him. But Sarah's cat Olly came inside the house and tried to take Gilbert's food. Caillou brings Olly home and sees Gilbert. Sarah said that Gilbert came into her house and tried to take Olly's food. They lets the cats go and run away. Then they gasp. Then Caillou meets Sarah's cousin Lee-Wun and hears that Chinese New Year's is the year of the dragon. Sarah and Lee-Wun got New Year coins. But Caillou didn't. But then Lee-Wun asks Sarah if she could give Caillou one. Then they hang up the China wall sayings. Then the two cats come in the living room. Sarah's Mom called Caillou's Mommy and asks her if it was okay for Caillou to go to Chinatown. Caillou's Mommy says yes. Then Sarah gives Caillou Gilbert. Then Caillou's Mommy asks him if he was excited to go to Chinatown with his friends. But Caillou was also scared about seeing a dragon. Then Caillou's Mommy reads him a story about a friendly dragon. Then Caillou goes to Chinatown to have special Chinese dinner. Then the dragon comes and Caillou was no longer scared of dragons. Then they all said Happy New Year in Chinise.