Crying scenes are scenes that have been recurring throughout the Caillou series, and are a major reason the show is often ridiculed. Approximately 43% of crying scenes are of Caillou crying, 48% are of Rosie crying, and 9% are of other characters crying.

Caillou's Crying Clips

Here are the episodes where Caillou has cried and why.  Even though Rosie cries more than Caillou does, Caillou cries quite commonly in a lot of episodes, mostly in the first season (and rarely in the second season onwards.)
Caillou Cries Too Much!

Caillou throws a tantrum in Caillou Joins the Circus

Episode Reason
Caillou Makes Cookies Cried because Mommy saw the mess he made while trying to make cookies.
Caillou Visits the Doctor Cried because he didn't want to get his ears checked.
Caillou at Daycare Cried because he didn't want to go to daycare and be away from Mommy.
Caillou Joins the Circus Cried when he realized the circus was not today. He later threw a massive temper tantrum after breaking one of the wheels off of his toy car. This is perhaps the most famous crying clip.
Caillou Goes Shopping Cried when he was lost at the store.
Caillou's Teddy Shirt Cried and then threw a tantrum when Rosie was wearing his very favorite teddy bear shirt.
Three's a Crowd Cried when he thought Leo and Clementine didn't want to play with him anymore.
Caillou's Big Friend Cried when Andre broke his chair.
Caillou Learns to Skate Cried because he slipped and fell.
Caillou's Big Slide Cried because he was very afraid of going down the big slide.
Caillou's Quarrel Cried and then threw a tantrum because Clementine wouldn't play with his toys for a tea party and he wanted to play with dinosaurs instead.
Caillou Meets Robbie Cried when Robbie wouldn't play with him and also because he fell off the see-saw.
Caillou's Promise Cried because he was sad when the twins' mother didn't say anything to Caillou's Dad at the park, and Caillou wanted to go to the circus with the twins, after yelling at Rosie banning her from going to the circus with him and the twins, when Daddy told him he wasn't going to go to the circus with the twins because Mom has to go to work.
Caillou and the Doll Cried because Julie found that Caillou put his mother's makeup on Rosie's doll.
Caillou's a Clown Cried after being told they cannot go to the parade due to Rosie's fear of clowns.
Caillou Makes a New Friend Cried because Jim was being mean to him.
All In A Day's Work Cried because Daddy didn't go to work, and drop by the playgroup on Monday.
Caillou's Bad Dream Cried after waking up from a nightmare. He also cried because he was tired.
Caillou Hurts Himself Cried after falling off his bike.
Caillou The Patient Cried after falling down a rock, causing his knees to bleed.
Caillou Goes Around the Block Cried because he was starting to feel nervous about being out on his own.
A Helping Hand Cried because he couldn't find Rover.
Read All About It Cried after apologizing to the librarian for scribbling on the book.
The Berry Patch Cried because he slipped and fell causing his knee to bleed.

Rosie's Crying Clips

Here are some episodes where Rosie has cried and why. However, Rosie cries much more than Caillou does. Here are episodes where she cries.


Rosie Cries in many episodes, More than Caillou...

Episode Reason
Big Brother Caillou  Cried twice - once after Daddy called her a "special girl", and again when Caillou pinched her cheek.
Caillou's All Alone Cried after being awakened by Caillou, who was screaming about Daddy getting wet from the broken washing machine, and Grandma scolding him to be quiet because she put Rosie down for a nap.
Caillou Watches Rosie  Cried after Caillou snatched the crayon away from her. 
Caillou's a Clown Cried because Caillou showed her a toy clown. (Rosie suffered from coulrophobia)
Rosie Bothers Caillou Cried after Caillou sent her out of his room and refused to let her in.
Caillou's Milk Run Cried because Caillou accidentally spilled all of the milk and ended up without any milk on her cereal.
Caillou's Picnic Cried because she is scared of the thunderstorm.
Caillou In Space  Cried because Caillou and Leo wouldn't play with her.
Caillou's Promise Cried because her eyes hurt from throwing sand, and Caillou yelled at her, tattled on her and wanted to ban her from playing in the sandbox, and mom has to go to work. Also, cried because Caillou yelled at her because she wanted to go to the circus and Caillou wouldn't let her.
Mom For A Day Cried because she hurt her knee during hide and seek, she wanted to go to sleep, Caillou sneezed her awake and she didn't want to go to bed. (she acted fussy in the bathtub during her bath.)
Back Seat Driver Cried so Caillou would give her the toy and was scared when the car broke down and Daddy left the car.
A Camping We Will Go Cried because Mommy and Caillou left the car, because Caillou had to go to the bathroom.
Caillou's Hiding Place Cried because Caillou wouldn't let her come into the hiding place.
Caillou Helps Out Cried because she was teething, and then again when Caillou told her she had to go to sleep.
Hide and Seek Cries because Caillou took the toy away from her, and Caillou calms her down by giving her the toy.
Caillou's Top Bunk Cried because the bunk bed is too high.
A Surprise for Mommy Cried when she had her picture taken by the light.
Caillou Goes to the Car Wash Cried because she is scared when the car is getting washed, but Daddy tells Caillou to try to make her feel better.
Holiday Magic Cried because she was afraid of Santa Claus.
Am I Big Yet? Cried because she needed a nap.
Farmer Caillou Cried because she didn't have a pancake due to all out of eggs.
Caillou the Road Builder Cried because she was scared of the storm.
A Surprise Sleepover Cried when the power went out.
Pumpkin Patch Kid Cried because she wasn't going to the pumpkin patch and she was being upset about being left behind and spilled spaghetti all over Teddy.
Caillou the Librarian Cried after Caillou hid the book.
Say Cheese Cried because Caillou took her picture which woke her up.

Other Crying Clips

Listed here are characters who don't really as much Caillou and Rosie, but have still cried in an episode.

Character Episode Reason
Caillou's Daddy Caillou's Thanksgiving Cried because Caillou's Mommy made him cut the onions.
Leo Get Well Soon Cried because he tripped and broke his foot.
Clementine Caillou's Cross Word Cried because both Caillou and Leo called her 'Stupid'.
Andre Caillou's Big Friend Cried when he broke Caillou's chair because he fell and Caillou was mad at him.
Lizzy Caillou Roars Cried because Caillou's roar scared her.


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