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Daddy a.k.a. Boris is the father of Caillou and Rosie, the husband of Mommy, and the son of Grandma and Grandpa. He is voiced by Pat Fry.

His name is listed as Boris on the Caillou website[1], but is referred to as "Daddy" through the books and TV show.

About Daddy

  • Typically, he sports a green sweater with red trims, blue pants and red shoes.
  • In the winter (particularly when shoveling snow), he wears a puffy blue jacket.
  • At bedtime, he wears green pajamas and red sandals.
  • In "Caillou Stays Up Late", he tells Caillou that his friends are not coming to the dinner party tonight, and he also tells him that he won't have any fun at this party tonight either because their schedules don't match up. Also, he teaches Caillou that big boys can sleep even when it's a little noisy.
  • At work, he wears blue jacket, white shirt, a paisley tie, khaki pants and brown shoes in All In A Days Work.
  • In "Caillou the Chef", Daddy reveals that he once worked at a pizza parlor.


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