Emma is a little girl in Caillou's playschool class. She and Xavier are the newest major characters on the show, both appearing at the beginning of season 3. Caillou doesn't know Emma and Xavier that well compared to the other kids in his playschool class. She always wears red with a white shirt with a picture of a horse on it. She has a father as seen in "Captain Caillou" and "Raspberry Ruckus". She has diabetes (likely Type 1) as revealed in "Emma's Extra Snacks."


  • Playschool Games
  • Xavier's birthday
  • Caillou's secret valentine
  • Captain Caillou
  • A surprise for Ms. Martin
  • Caillou and the dragon
  • Emma's extra snacks
  • Cailloudles

Caillou's Playschool class