Get Well Soon is an episode from Season 2 of “Caillou”. It originally aired on the episode, "Friends"


Caillou and Leo were happily playing space aliens in the backyard, and checked if the close was clear, but suddenly, Leo's shoe came untied and tripped over a stump and broke his foot.              

So, Caillou's Daddy takes Leo to the hospital to have his foot checked. Caillou has never been to the hospital before. He is curious about what might happen there.

But when Daddy calls about Leo, he says that Leo is already out of the hospital and doing fine, but unfortunately, Leo has a broken foot so he has to stay off his feet for a while.

Caillou decides to make a card and some cookies for Leo. Then he heads on over to Leo's house. He gives Leo his treats and Leo tells Caillou that he broke his foot because he forgot to tie his shoelaces.

Caillou then plays aliens with Leo.


  • Mommy says Leo has a broken toe when it was actually his foot.