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Gilbert (puppet version) circa 1999

Gilbert is Caillou's pet cat. He has gray fur and a blue spot over one of his eyes, it feels like Storm. He has been on the show since Season 1. Gilbert also appears in the puppet segments of the show, too. In the puppet segments, he talks but in the regular episodes, he does not. Gilbert likes playing with Sarah's cat Olly. He hates the bulldog in the neighborhood as he hates Rover especially. In the Season 1 episode, "Caillou is Afraid of the Dark", Gilbert is hiding underneath a paper bag because he got stuck in it. In Caillou's new member of the family in season 1, Caillou, Rosie and Mommy are looking at an old picture. They saw one when Gilbert was a kitten and Caillou remembers when the family got Gilbert. Caillou, his friends, and family seem to mispronounce his name. It is spelled (GILBERT) and it is Pronounced "Gil-Bert". Caillou and company prounce it "Goy-Bert" or Goi-Bert. But t'is okay he's only a cat so he doesn't mind at all.

Sometime he is possessed by a fancy, sophisticated, handsome, British scoundrel. He loves lady fingers, crumpets, and tea. He loves to write poetry.
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Gilbert (animated version) 1997