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Grandma is the grandmother of Caillou and Rosie, the wife of Grandpa, the mother of Boris and his sister and the mother-in-law of Doris and Uncle Felix. She has made appearances in the show since Season 1.

Grandma does many different activities, such as doing art. She’s shown to have an art room. In several episodes, such as Caillou's Colors, she’s seen painting. She also likes to cook and make deserts. In Caillou Goes Birdwatching, its revealed she likes to go birdwatching and invites Caillou on her trips. In episodes such as Caillou's Got Rhythm and Dancing at Grandma's, she’s shown to have a piano.

She helps Caillou and Rosie learn new things, just like Doris and Boris. In Season 4 and 5, she and Grandpa are shown babysitting Caillou and Rosie instead of Julie.

She has a lot of friends who live in the nursing home and even teaches dancing lessons to them. In A Helping Hand, she introduces Caillou to them. In Seasons 1 and 2, Grandma babysits a dog named Rover. At first Caillou didn't like him, but he than started to like him. Grandma and Grandpa are shown to live in a red, two-story house.

It is revealed that in the episode Olive Muddle that Grandma does not like beets.

Physical Appearance[]

Grandma has peach skin, grey hair and blue high heels. In Season 1, her dress was yellow with a red collar and red cuffs (which looked similar to Caillou's current outfit) and she wore a blue headband. From Season 2 and onwards, her dress is now red with a blue collar and cuffs and her headband is now green.