Holiday Wonders is an episode from Season 2 of Caillou.


It is Christmas time and Caillou's family is getting ready to buy a Christmas tree. Caillou's Mommy is getting the lights unpacked for the tree. She tells Caillou to draw a picture of what he wants for Christmas to give to Santa. He draws a dinosaur. Caillou's Mommy gets Rosie ready. Caillou's Daddy is making a phone call, so he wants Caillou to finish, so they can go, soon Caillou's Daddy is done making the call and they go to the mall to see Santa. At the mall Caillou's family goes up an esclator, but Caillou gets a drink at the water fountain and is scared to go up it alone so, Caillou's Daddy comes down to get him and looks very funny going the wrong way. When they get in line, Caillou sees Clementine and Billy. Clementine asks what Caillou wants for Christmas, he shows her the picture of the dinosaur. Clementine wants a jump rope, dog, a teddy bear and an oven to bake things in. Caillou sees Santa and shows him the picture, he thinks Caillou wants a real dinosaur but Caillou explains it a toy dinosaur. He then wants to see Rosie, but Rosie is crying that she's scared, so says he'll see her next year. Next, Caillou's family goes to get a tree, but the bad news is the christmas tree person just sold his last tree to Clementine but he will have more tomorrow. At home, Gilbert has gotten into the lights for the tree. Caillou tells Caillou's Daddy that he wants a tree today and that gives him an idea : have a Christmas tree outside. They put the lights on it and Caillou thinks that it is the best tree ever. Caillou's Mommy says that they will have a tree inside too. Caillou thinks he is the luckiest boy in the world to have 2 Christmas trees and a new dinosaur.


  • This is the first Christmas special in the Caillou franchise.