This is a list of locations in the Caillou franchise.

Caillou's House

A blue two-story house were Caillou and his family live. There is a basement. On the first floor there is a living room with blue sofas in it, a kitchen and a dining room. On the second floor is Caillou's bedroom, Rosie's bedroom, the playroom, the bathroom which has a red bathtub in it and Caillou's parent's bedroom.


The playschool is were Caillou goes to school. The playschool seems to be small with only Miss Martin's classroom in it. There is a playground outside. Inside there is a fish tank and a library and lots of other things. There are seven kids in playschool: Caillou, Leo, Clementine, Jeffery, Jason, Emma and Xavier. The playschool episode is Caillou at Daycare and All in a day's work.

The Playground

The playground has appeared in a lot of episodes. It first appearance was in Big Slide. There is a playground with a large slide, swing set and a sand box at the playground area. In the episodes, Caillou is afraid of dogs and Dogs with Jobs, it is mentioned that there is a dog park but it is never seen in an episode. In the episode, "Leo's Lost Dinosaur" it is revaled a lost and found exists Caillou visits it after Leo loses his dinosaur, Dino. The newest attraction at the playground is the twisty slide.

Grandparent's House

Grandma and Grandpa house is a red two-story house. It is in Caillou's neighborhood. It has a basement. On the first floor is a living room and kitchen and Grandma and Grandpa's bedroom. The is the second floor is small only has a guest room which Caillou and Rosie sleep in the episode, "Weekend at Grandparents".