This is a List of the actors of the Caillou characters.

Character Actor
Alan Tyler Brody Stein [1]
Andre .
Billy .

Caillou's Daddy

Pat Fry
Caillou Byrn McAuley
Jaclyn Linetsky
Clementine Sofie Uretsky [2]
Deedee Wendy Welch
Dennis Zevi Wolmark
Caillou's Mommy Jennifer Seguin
Emma .
Gilbert Mike Petersen
Grandma Pauline Little
Grandpa George Carlin
Tim Conway
Jason .
Jeffery .
Jonus .
Julie Holly Gauthier-Frankel [3]
Leo .
Mr. Hinkle .
Ms.Martin Ellen David [4]
Rexy Kevin Yamada
Rosie Jessie Vinet
Sarah .
Teddy Frank Meschkuleit
Xavier .