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The Puppet segments were a part of the regular episodes in season 2 & season 3 that were used from 2000 to 2003, but they have not been on the show, since.none of the puppet segments have official titles, so they aren't considered episodes instead all of them combined are 1 episode. There are 4 puppets in the segments : Gilbert, Caillou's pet cat (Gilbert also appears in the regular episodes), Rexy, Caillou's stuffed dinosaur, Teddy, Caillou's teddy bear, and a squirrel named Deedee.

Most of the puppet segments take place in the backyard or in Caillou's room. Gilbert, Rexy and Teddy appear in almost all the puppet segments while Deedee is only appears in some. When the puppet segments were on the show their was usually one puppet segment day the show was on and there was one less episode then there is today. Sometimes the episodes shown were related to what was shown that day in the puppet segments, for example, one of the episodes on the show involved Halloween the puppet segments did too. The puppets do talk in the puppet segments but not in the regular episodes, Gilbert also looks very different then he does in the regular episodes because the characters in the puppet segments aren't cartoons they are real puppets. The puppet segments are considered neither canon nor crescent fresh.

Although the puppets aren't on the show, Gilbert, Rexy, and Teddy still appear, Gilbert as a real cat and the other two as inanimate objects.

List of Puppet segments

None of the Puppet segments have been given official names but this a list of the Puppet segments with the name given based on what happened in the segment.

Puppet Segment Events/what happens
Drip Drop rain song

It's a rainy day so Gilbert and Teddy sing a song about rain.

Deedee's precious thing

Rexy plays wizard and finds a ball on the ground and decides its a magic ball so he wishes Gilbert and Teddy will have a good day. Deedee has lost something she likes so when Rexy finds out he makes a wish on the ball for Deedee to find it, Deedee then sees the ball which is what she has lost. Rexy is upset because it isn't a magic ball, but later is happy to find out it is when Gilbert and Teddy tell him they had a good day
Silly train song Rexy, Gilbert and Teddy sing a song about a train.
Rexy's little sister Rexy plays with his pretend sister Deedee. A voice is heard in the tree and a baby squirrel, also named Deedee slides down on the ground lost from her family. They then become friends.
Halloween cat Teddy and Rexy stay in Caillou's room with Gilbert on Halloween evening because cats shouldn't be out on halloween.
Balloon adventure Rexy finds a balloon but he begins to fly up in the air so Gilbert and Teddy have to get him down.
Backyard adventure Rexy and Deedee play in the backyard in a box pretending to go places.
Oceans Rexy and Gilbert talk about how big the oceans are.

Episode listing

On the Episodes list Puppet segments isn't listed as an episode but it is listed as an episode that Gilbert Rexy, Teddy, and Deedee appear in.


  • From 2000-2001-2015 there were 6 puppet segments per episodes but in 2002 there were only 2, 3, 4 or 9.
  • Deedee's precious thing is the longest Puppet segment.
  • Bob West Dean Wendt from Barney and Friends, Joey Mazzatino, Kevin Clash John Tartaglia Andy Noel MacNeal from Sesame Street

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