The Caillou Songs in Season 1 are different from the ones on the show today which include Caillou and other characters singing. The songs in season 1 included kids singing the songs and other kids dancing around while the song was played. The songs on season 1 are no longer played on Caillou episodes today.

Song list

1. If You Had a Puppy

2. I Lost My Teddy bear

3. Food-a-Licious

4. Grownups

5. My New Shirt

6. The Lullaby

7. Wet!

8. My Best Friend

9. Summertime

10. Do You Want to Play With Me?

11. I Am Growing

12. If I Had a Pet

13. Laughing

14. Halloween

15. 100 Neighbors

Note : The song Wet! Was also shown in season 2 and 3.